Parking information for Brecon, Brecknockshire

Brecon is within the administrative area of Powys and the Powys Council provide virtually no information on their car parks on the Internet. No car park locations, no maps and no details of charges. It's difficult to imagine a poorer service.

I noticed a number of car parks when we were in Brecon and they are all 'Pay and Display' with a charge of 40 pence per hour reducing to 35 pence per hour for two hours but 37.5 pence per hour for four hours. These charges were current in 2006 but could vary between car parks. I looked at two and the charges were the same for those.

There is a large car park in the town centre next to the Tourist Information Centre near Bethel Square, there are two off of Market Street and a small one in Watergate near the Usk Bridge. There are others further away from the town centre.

There is some on-road parking around the town but there is usually a time limit of around 30 mins.


This information is based on our visit in July 2006

Powys Council provide details of parking charges and a map: maps.