King's College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire (3). Location map
  View of the Screen, Main Gatehouse and chapel beyond, King's College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England   King's College.

The Gatehouse and Screen from outside in King's Parade with the east end of the chapel standing prominently beyond. The rather interesting architecture originates from the design of William Wilkins (who also designed the National Gallery in London) in the 1820s.

Travelling north on King's Parade, the way we are looking, will lead you into Trinity Street.


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  View of King's College Chapel from the South Side, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England   Kings College Chapel.

This view shows the South Side of the chapel. During the first 15 years of construction the stone used came from quarries at Tadcaster in Yorkshire which the college owned.

There was a pause in the work at this time when Henry was imprisoned and finally murdered in the Tower of London. He was succeeded by Edward IV and on his death the crown went to Richard III.

Richard restarted the work 22 years later but a different stone was used. The demarcation line between the two types of stone can be seen in the buttresses.

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  View of the West Door, King's College Chapel, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England   King's College Chapel.

The West Door with its variety of adornments including Tudor Roses.

This door is supposedly used only by Archbishops and Kings.


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  Photograph of the Main Gatehouse and Front Court, King's College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England   King's College.

The Main Gatehouse from inside Front Court with the Wilkin's Building just showing on the right. Doesn't that lawn make you just a little envious?

The Fountain, in the right half of the picture, is surmounted by a statue of Henry VI with the symbolic figures of Religion and Learning seated below.


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