Hedingham Castle Location map
  Photograph of the Tudor Bridge, Hedingham Castle, Essex   This Tudor bridge, which spans the now dry moat, was built to replace the original drawbridge by the 13th Earl of Oxford in 1496.

You must cross this bridge to reach the Inner Bailey and the Norman Keep.



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  View of the Banqueting Hall in Hedingham Castle, Essex   Hedingham Castle's magnificent Banqueting Hall spanned by a remarkable 28 foot arch; one of the largest Norman arches in England.

This view is from the Minstrels' Gallery which is built within the thickness of the 12 foot walls.

Other parts of the Minstrels' Gallery can be seen on the far side.


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  Photograph of the surrounding countryside from the top floor of Hedingham Castle, Essex   The view from the top floor of Hedingham Castle.

The village of Castle Hedingham can be seen in the right foreground.



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  Photograph of Hedingham Castle from the picnic area   Hedingham Castle.

The view from the picnic area. The top of the castle can be seen just above the trees.

The grounds are quite extensive and pleasant walks are to be had around the gardens.

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  View of the Queen Anne House from across one of the lakes, Hedingham Castle, Essex   The Queen Anne house from across one of the two lakes.

This house was built by Sir William Ashhurst, M.P., Lord Mayor of London and was completed in 1719. The house is private and not open to the public.



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  Picture of the octagonal dovecote, Hedingham Castle, Essex   The octagonal dovecote, built in 1740, in the castle grounds.




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