Chester (2), Cheshire. Location map
  Scene showing Eastgate Street, Chester, Cheshire, England   Eastgate Street, Chester.

The view here is from the top of Eastgate, under the clock on the previous page, and is looking into the city centre towards The Rows.

A number of black and white timber framed buildings, for which Chester and Cheshire is famous, can be seen. The black and white timberframed building jutting out in the distance on the right is the start of the Eastgate Street section of The Rows.

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  View of Eastgate Street looking towards Eastgate, Chester, Cheshire, England   Eastgate Street and the 13th century Rows.

This view is looking along Eastgate Street, back towards Eastgate, at the junction with Northgate Street in the city centre. Part of The Rows can be seen on the corner and on the right.

The rows are two-tiered rows of shops and the openings into the upper gallery can be seen above the ground level shops. This upper level is accessed by steps placed at frequent intervals along the Rows.


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  View of the timber framed buildings in St. Werburgh Street, Chester, Cheshire, England   St. Werburgh Street.

This view is from outside the southern side of the cathedral and shows an impressive row of timber framed buildings on the last section of St. Werburgh Street just before it joins Eastgate Street.



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  Photograph of one of the timber framed buildings on the corner of Frodsham Street, Chester, Cheshire, England   The Royal Bank of Scotland building.

Situated on the corner of Frodsham Street and Foregate Street this building was actually built in 1921 to a design by Francis Jones.

It shows that just because it's timber framed and looks impressive doesn't mean it's old!


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  Photograph of a 17th century timber framed building in Bridge Street, Chester, Cheshire, England   The Bookland building.

Situated in Bridge Street the date can be seen on the building as 1664 so this building is a genuine ancient building! If you look at the main cross beam just below the top window you can see that it sags slightly with age.

This is one of the buildings in The Rows where the upper gallery can easily be seen.


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