Chester Cathedral, Chester (4), Cheshire. Location map
  Scene showing the main entrance to the cathedral from Northgate Street, Chester, Cheshire, England   Chester Cathedral.

This shows the West End and main entrance in St. Werburgh Street seen from Northgate Street.


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  View of the Nave, Chester Cathedral, Chester, Cheshire, England   The Nave, Chester Cathedral.

The South side (right) of the Nave was commenced around 1360, however, because of the Plague which swept Europe at this time, further work was delayed for approximately 130 years. Therefore, the North side (left) of the Nave dates from around 1490 but there are actually very few visible differences between the two sides.


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  View of the Quire, Chester Cathedral, Chester, Cheshire, England   The Quire, Chester cathedral.

These 14th century carved oak stalls date from around 1380 and are without question the finest in the country. The canopies over the stalls have to be seen to be believed.



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  Photograph of the North Aisle, Chester cathedral, Chester, Cheshire, England   The North Aisle, Chester cathedral.

This aisle, together with the south aisle, was added in the late 15th century.



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  Photograph of part of the Cloisters, Chester Cathedral, Chester, Cheshire, England   The Cloisters, Chester cathedral.

These cloisters date from the 13th century although the arcades were rebuilt around 1530. The doorway at the end of this section is undoubtedly Norman.



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