The River Dee, Chester (9), Cheshire. Location map
  View of the city wall and River Dee, Chester, Cheshire, England   River Dee and the city wall, Chester.

The outside surface of the city wall on the left is shown here and the pedestrian suspension bridge over the river is visible in the distance.

Between the city wall and the lamppost you will be able to see part of one of the river cruisers, moored by the Groves, which give trips on the river.


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  View of the River Dee from the Old Dee Bridge, Chester, Cheshire, England   The River Dee, Chester.

This view is taken from the Old Dee Bridge looking upstream.

If you look closely at the larger picture about half-way along the left-hand half of the weir you will see someting standing on the top edge. That is a Heron. I have not seen one in a city before as they are reasonably shy birds. One of the locals told me it is often seen there.

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  Scene showing the walkway on the city walls by the River Dee, Chester, Cheshire, England   The River Dee, Chester.

This view is of the River Dee, looking upstream, from the top of Bridgegate showing the walkway on top of the city wall with the modern promenade, known as The Groves, below.


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  Scene showing the Three Kings Tea Rooms near Bridgegate, Chester, Cheshire, England   The Three Kings Tea Rooms, Chester.

What does this have to do with the River Dee? This view is taken from the same place, the top of Bridgegate, as the previous view but looking in the opposite direction.

The nearest timber-framed building is the 17th century Bear and Billet. The building on it's far side is the Three Kings Tea Rooms which we visited when we were down here by the river. Nice little place which also incorporates a craft shop. In spite of the Georgian front this building is probably older than the ones either side. One of the timbers in the stair well has been dated to the early 12th century making it the oldest timber in Chester. A good place for tea or coffee.

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