Parking in Chester, Cheshire. Location map

There are numerous car parks evenly distributed around the city but they are expensive - locations and charges.

There is also a park and ride service but it is far more expensive than it should be. The Park and Ride system is well organised with a bus service running every 10 minutes into the city and each of the car parks are about 2 miles from the city centre. Parking is free but adults pay a bus fare of £1.30 each. A car carrying 4 adults will therefore pay £5.20 for their day's parking. Compare that with the Park and Ride scheme at Winchester where it would have cost them £1.50 only to park their car with a free bus ride into the city.

If you have a bicycle carrier for your car you could park at one of these sites and cycle the 2 miles into the city.

Information and charges based on our visit in 2005.