The town walls, Conwy, Caernarfonshire (Gwynedd), North Wales. Location map
  Photo of the Medieval town walls, Conway, Snowdonia, Caernarvonshire (Gwynedd), North Wales   Conwy - The town walls.

The walkable parts of the town wall are divided into two sections the first, and shortest, of which can be seen running alongside the car park below.

At the end of the car park you will notice that the wall kinks sideways, at Mill Gate, and you will have to walk a short way through the streets to reach the next, longest, accessible section and, believe me, it is worth the short walk.

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  View of Conway's medieval town walls, Snowdonia, Caernarfonshire (Gwynedd), North Wales   Conwy town walls.

When you get back up on the wall you will see that the wall slopes up to the highest point as shown here. This is because the walls are not level but follow the ground contours.

The steel railings are not, of course, medieval. They are there to stop silly people like me from falling off.


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  Scene from the highest point on the town walls, Conway, Snowdonia, Caernarvonshire (Gwynedd), North Wales   Conwy town walls.

This is the highest point on the wall which gives a good view back the way we came showing the relatively steep slope of the wall walk and the castle and river in the distance. The people who originally manned these walls in medieval times did not have the luxury of guard rails.

The top of the tower on this high point is accessible from the wall but you will need a good head for heights when you get up there.

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  Photo looking, towards the river, at the longest stretch of the town walls, Conway, Snowdonia, Caernarfonshire (Gwynedd), North Wales   Conwy town walls.

This view is from near the walls highest point looking towards the river. Virtually the whole length of this section can be seen including the five towers.

This section of the wall extends as far as river's edge.

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  View of Conway and the medieval walls from the castle, Snowdonia, Caernarfonshire (Gwynedd), North Wales   Conwy.

A view of the town from one of the castle towers. Across the other side of the town, immediately in front of the wooded hills, some of the town walls can be seen including three of the towers. This is a side-on view of the section shown in the previous picture.

The leftmost tower is the highest point of the wall which can be seen to slope downwards to the right towards the river.


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