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Carnival Capers

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The last Saturday in August every year sees the Knighton Carnival. I realise that you will all be disappointed not to have been able to attend so we were there for you. The various groups and floats assemble in or near the old Market Place so we went there first. There were many colourful groups together with a […]

Tipula maxima

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No, I'm not being obscene. We had two of these in the house/conservatory today. It is a rather large Crane Fly. Crane Flies normally have clear, rather boring, wings; but not this one. We think that this particular species, Tipula maxima, is rather attractive. I can imaginge that many people would think that they might sting or bite […]

Ludlow and Leintwardine

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We went to Ludlow recently to do some shopping. We had visited Ludlow twice before we moved to Wales and, as we were staying at a hotel both times, we had free parking provided by the hotel. When we were walking around the town we noted that there was some free roadside parking although limited […]

To England and back


It's now early March and we haven't done any 'walking' this year yet. That doesn't include any usual walking like going to the shops and the walking about one does during normal activites. It was sunny this morning but it is forecast to rain heavily this afternoon so the time for a walk is now! This […]

Tickets by the yard


We went to Birmingham on Tuesday by train, via Shrewsbury, although not for our own amusement. We have been to Shrewsbury by train before and on that occasion we also bought our tickets on the train. At that time the tickets were issued from a small portable machine which the ticket man carried with him […]

A well decorated footpath


In 5 days we will have been living here for 1 year. Near our house there is a footpath running from one road up to a higher road and this year there have appeared a lot of Crocuses along the edge which we either hadn't seen last year or hadn't noticed although I don't think we […]

Another New Year – 2017

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Well it's the first day of the new year and it's pouring with rain. I hope that's not an indication of how it's going to carry on as we have numerous plans for various trips this year. Last thursday Amanda had the first of two planned cataract operations and that is, so far, progressing well. […]

Happy Christmas


A Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our visitors and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.  

A frosty reception


That's what we had this morning. I mentioned previously that we had had a very cold night (for Britain) on Tuesday and that continued last night with temperatures forecast to go down to about the same as the night before i.e. around 27F. Amanda put the thermometer out first thing this morning and after leaving […]

Houses, Water and Fungi

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Houses. We have lived in Knighton for eight months now and I have walked past this house on the main road through the town centre many times without noticing it at all. That may seem unbelievable but it is set back from the road in a narrow little courtyard so perhaps I might be excused. […]