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I got out of bed this morning and tried to encourage my legs to move and by the time I'd got down to breakfast they were just about usable again (but only just ). Breakfast is fairly late here, at eight o'clock, so I first wandered out into the town towards the church. It was [...]

A week ago I said we planned to return to Hampstead one day; well this is one day! Same place – different bits. It all started so well. Today (Tuesday) was forecast to be this week's sunny day and, surprisingly, that is how it turned out; right to the very end. We went to Hampstead [...]

Just over 4 weeks ago Amanda and I were planning a day trip to London as the weather forecast was good. However one evening about 5 days before that planned trip Amanda started to feel nauseous and then spent most of the night vomiting into a bucket by the bed followed by a bad cough [...]

Off the Wall and Mind the Gap


'Off the wall' is an expression used in the UK and, I believe, in the USA which means unusual or bizarre. In this particular case 'Off the wall' is on the wall! But I'm getting a little ahead of myself here so lets go back to the beginning shall we? Yesterday, Wednesday, we hopped on [...]

On Tuesday the weather forecast for Wednesday was sun and clear skies up until lunchtime and then sunny intervals for the afternoon. Sunny intervals can be anything from one quick flash of sun in the whole afternoon to frequent sunny spells. However I planned to be indoors for most of the afternoon so that didn't [...]

The view from Platform 1


It is true that when we travel to London by train we use platform 1 at our local railway station but that's not the one I'm talking about. We'll get to that later. We decided to go to London on Wednesday but we weren't going to visit any, what might be called, 'meaty' sites but [...]

Lynn – Day 4


Today we wake to a cloudy sky. This does not come as a surprise as it was forecast and we still decide to stop off in Thetford on the way home as neither of us knows much about it. We finish breakfast, pack and set off. We parked near the 18th century Nuns' Bridges which [...]

We got up this morning to find a cloudy sky but it is supposed to get brighter later. After breakfast we paid our bill and booked out but left our luggage until we were ready to leave Brighton later in the day. We went down the road again to Marine Parade to have another look [...]

Wednesday was cloudy when we got up but we were planning to go to Brighton for an overnight stay and the weather was supposed to be better down south. I had become quite frustrated the day previously in trying, and failing, to find available accommodation in Brighton. I didn't think that Brighton was so popular [...]

8:30 PM Wednesday 1st May 2013. Just back from our day trip today and this comes under the 'Modern' category. Before I continue with this post I'm going to get you to guess what/where this might be. I'll give you a few days and I'll also give you a clue. It's in London. There, that [...]