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Galanthus Galore


There were two firsts for us today; it was the first trip of the year and it was the first time that I had used my new camera. It wasn't warm but considering that it was February it wasn't anywhere near as cold as it could have been and the weather forecast was for sunny […]

Moor and More

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August has been a dismal month. Cloudy and cool a lot of the time and you would never have guessed that it was supposed to be summer so on the very few occasions when the sun did appear we jumped at the chance to go out somewhere. About 16 years ago around the time that this web site […]

March through the Arch

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This is the arch that we are about to march through. It was a lovely day and this is only a 40 minute drive from home so, having parked the car, here we are. We march through the arch and after a short while we turn and look back at the arch from the inside. […]

Little legs and Little Wheels

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We found ourselves with no builders here today and the weather forecast was for sun and clear skies all day so do we believe the weather forecast? Of course we do. So were we too trusting? Of course we were! We decided to visit Powis Castle, a National Trust property about 30 miles north of us, […]

Is there Much Wenlock?


Is there Much Wenlock? There is actually Little Wenlock! Confused? I'll explain. Little Wenlock is a village, a little south of the town of Wellington in Shropshire, and Much Wenlock is a small market town also in Shropshire. The 'Much' part indicates that it is larger than Little Wenlock. We stayed in Much Wenlock for […]

Lynn – Day 1


As someone, somewhere, had decided to award us a week of summer weather we decided we'd better make use of it before it disappears so we arranged to go to King's Lynn for four days. So, on a hot sunny Wednesday, we set off for a 93 mile journey north to north-west Norfolk which took […]

What’s the rush?

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Well, I'm glad you asked me that because I can now tell you. It's the Greater Woodrush. Scrappy looking flower head init? That is not a good photograph. What it really needed was for the flower head to be sunlit but the background to be in deep shade. That would have shown it up nicely […]

We wasted a half-day today! It was, however, unavoidable. We left home at 9:30 AM and arrived at 12:30 PM after 3 hours of driving. That's the problem with travelling it has to be done to get anywhere but it could be better spent exploring. The weather of late has been constantly cool, and raining […]

A Mere interlude – Day 4


Monday, 3rd October 2011 Today we leave Mere to make our way home but we are going back via Avebury. We have been to Avebury before and there are pictures on the main web site but we are going again so you'll just have to put up with it. On our last visit we didn't […]

A Mere peregrination – Day 2

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Saturday, 1st October 2011 After yesterday's walk we decided to have an easy morning looking round Mere. Our B&B is a very short distance from the High Street and the first thing we see is the 16th century George Inn which is the (apparently) timber-framed building in the foreground. I say 'apparently' because the George […]