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We drove the 2.5 miles from Pembridge to Eardisland and, as in Pembridge, we crossed the River Arrow again although, this time, it was on the far side of the village for us. The bridge dates from around 1800. Once again there is a free visitors car park on the main road through the village almost opposite […]

There is an area in Herefordshire known as the Black and White Villages and there is also a Black and White Villages Trail which is meant for motoring not walking. We last visited about 12 years ago on a day trip from Ludlow and the results from that are already on the web site. That previous visit […]

Time to catch a tram

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We are just back from a short shopping trip. We drove the short distance to Kington in Shropshire where Amanda wanted to visit a small garden centre as did I. As they were 'Hozelock, agents I was hoping that they would have a hose reel on a small trolley (which can be trundled around the garden with […]

Today is the big day! My most ambitious day of the whole trip. I plan to get the bus to Chideock (pronounced 'Chidock') and walk back to Lyme Regis via Golden Cap. What's Golden Cap? It's the highest point on the south coast – that's what. After breakfast I walked a couple of hundred yards […]

Yesterday we were thinking of going on a day trip but in the end we decided not to. Why did we not go? Because we had worn ourselves out the day before on another day trip. We had decided to go shopping. We wanted a mower lift, a coiled hose that stretches to 100 feet […]

A journey in reverse.


No, I don't mean that I was walking (or driving) backwards but that a walk I have done before from Tollesbury to Salcott I was going to do the other way round and there's a reason for that. Earlier today there was a jumble sale in Salcott, a village near us, which Amanda wanted to […]

A Musical Soiree


Pamela has been a very good friend of ours for many years and she has a birthday coming up which will mark yet another decade so she decided that a celebration was in order which she described as 'A musical soiree'. She lives in Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk and plays the bassoon. So it […]

Our trip is at an end.


… and to be more precise it's at Audley End. As you all probably know (Who am I kidding?) 'end' is the Saxon word for 'home' and this was Thomas Audley's home. Not a bad home eh? These Jacobean piles are two a penny around here (Essex and Suffolk) and this one is on the […]

This really was Nasty.


A strange thing happened this week – we had a weather forecast for 5 consecutive sunny days! Not sunny all day every day but to have 5 partly sunny days in a row this summer is a miracle. However, Wednesday was one of the days where the sun was forecast to shine all day, in […]

Living on the edge.


Yesterday, Thursday, started with a lovely clear sky and was forecast to stay that way until at least late afternoon so we decided to go and have a look on the western edge of Essex. This is supposed to be a thatched rooves area and it certainly seemed to be. We started off in Widdington […]