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Tipula maxima

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No, I'm not being obscene. We had two of these in the house/conservatory today. It is a rather large Crane Fly. Crane Flies normally have clear, rather boring, wings; but not this one. We think that this particular species, Tipula maxima, is rather attractive. I can imaginge that many people would think that they might sting or bite […]

The Other End – Day 3

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Wake up. Draw curtains. Wall to wall sunshine again. Whoopee. Another nice, relaxed breakfast. Today we are going back to the bus station and catching the same bus again but we are going a little farther this time; a 20 minute journey. We alight at the first bus stop after the bus turns away from the […]

The Other End – Day 2

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We wake up early on the first morning in our hotel. A bit too early as it turns out. It is 5:00 AM and we have been woken by the extractor in our bathroom starting up very noisily. It seems to have a mind of its own as there doesn't seem to be any logic […]

Squaring the circle

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Another sunny day. Another dash for the car. Another zooming off to somewhere. This time it was Radnor Forest which is 10 miles (or 20 minutes) from home. The nearest village is New Radnor and it's called 'New' Radnor because it was new when it was built in Medieval times to replace Old Radnor. We […]

A rather fowl walk


Some friends of ours (yes we have friends) visited us yesterday and it was a lovely sunny day so we went off for a walk. We parked a car at the proposed end of our walk and drove off towards our intended starting point. We went via an Indian Restaurant first for lunch in a […]



In this case T for toad. Amanda was growing some Chrysanthemum cuttings in a greenhouse and one of the flower pots obviously looked to be a desirable residence if you happen to be a toad. Never mind if the cutting is a bit squashed. Drives you potty!  

Snaking through Epping Forest

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Today was a lovely sunny day so we took ourselves off to Epping Forest. We went to an area known as Almshouse Plain and after a little walking we arrived at Cuckoo Brook which snakes its way along the bottom of its shallow valley. The rather tortuous route is known as meandering and the individual […]

Deer me!


We arrived back from Stamford last Monday after another good trip. The weather wasn't all good but we had enough sun to get some good pictures. On the way up we stopped off at Houghton – a small village between St. Ives and Huntingdon in Huntingdonshire. A very pretty village with some thatched cottages and […]

A rather prickly subject

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We saw this little chap (or chapess) in the garden today. We do see them from time to time but as they are nocturnal it’s unusual to see them out looking for food in broad daylight. It looked very healthy but we thought it wise to supplement it’s diet with a large portion of our […]