Coggeshall Streets Location map
  Photograph of East Street, Coggeshall, Essex, England   East Street.

What a wonderful selection of styles, designs, sizes, ages and colours in the ancient buildings in this part of East Street.



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  Photograph of East Street, Coggeshall, Essex, England   Church Street.

A variety of building styles with a rather interesting timber-framed building on the left.

The road behind the camera narrows to the point that two cars cannot pass. If you approach this point and can see another vehicle in the narrow section you wait at the lines marked on the road.


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  View of pargetting on a house in East Street, Coggeshall, Essex, England   Pargetting in East Street.

Pargetting is external incised or moulded decorative patterns made of lime plaster and an example can be seen on the pale green house on the left.



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  View of West Street, Coggeshall, Essex, England   West Street

This view is looking towards East Street from near Paycocke's. The timber-framed house on the left is dated 1560.



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