Parking in Colchester

Parking in Colchester can be excessively expensive. In the town centre car parks you will (in 2003) be charged £1.20 for the first hour although it will reduce to 70p an hour for 4-6 hours. These charges are, in my opinion, extortionate.

There is, apparently, a Park and Ride Scheme which is mentioned on the Council's web site but no details are given. I have found a reference, elsewhere, to the cost for a car being £2.50 but I don't have any date for that - the cost could now be higher. Add to that the cost of the return bus fare into town at 50p per person and you will have a total cost of £3.50 for two people in one car. If you were to stay 6 hours this would amount to about 60p per hour which is still excessive.

I haven't yet encountered another place whose charges are as high. Compare that with Coggeshall and Thaxted, both in Essex, and Hadleigh and Lavenham, both in Suffolk, where all parking is free!

Colchester District Council provide a Car Park map and information


Information based on our visit in 2002 and updated in 2005.