Finchingfield (2) Location map
  View of Finchingfield, Essex, England   Finchingfield village.

A view across the pond and green from Church Hill looking towards the 16th Century Fox Inn which was once a coaching inn. The little bridge on the right is wide enough for only one vehicle at a time.

The large Georgian house on the left is not all it seems. It is, in fact, a much older timber-framed house with an added Georgian front.

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  View of the Medieval Causeway Tea Cottage (tearooms), Finchingfield, Essex, England   The Causeway Tea Cottage.

This medieval cottage was built in 1490 - over 40 years before Columbus discovered America. It is no longer a tea room.

There seem to be ducks and geese all over the village and this was no exception. You can see two geese sitting outside and there is actually another one under the inverted V-shaped board by the 'No cycling' sign. He appears to be a self-appointed doorman vetting anyone who goes in to the cottage but pretty harmless really.

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  View of the village church of St. John the Baptist, Finchingfield, Essex, England   Finchingfield village church of St. John the Baptist.

Walking from the tea rooms up the hill brings us very quickly to the church. This is 14th Century but with an older Norman Tower. The entrance to the churchyard is 'through' the Guildhall (see 'More around the church').

There used to be a spire on top of the tower until it blew down during a storm some hundreds of years ago and it has never been rebuilt.

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  View of the village sign and church, Finchingfield, Essex, England   Finchingfield village sign and church.



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