Harwich (2) Location map
  View of Harwich, Essex, England   Harwich.

This shows the small public gardens alongside The Quay which is off the picture to the right. This view was taken from the top of the sea wall.



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  View of the Lifeboat Museum, Harwich, Essex, England   The Lifeboat Musem, Harwich.

The very large bright red buoy advertises the position of the Lifeboat Museum. The museum is housed in the disused Victorian lifeboat house and contains a 37ft Oakley class lifeboat which you can go on board. There is a full history of lifeboats in Harwich from 1876 to the present day.


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  Photo of Church Street, Harwich, Essex, England   Church Street, Harwich.

Another view of Church Street showing part of the church tower on the right. The church is recent, having been built in 1822, although there has been a church on that same site since 1177.



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  Photo of Eastgate Street, Harwich, Essex, England   Eastgate Street, Harwich.

Another of Harwich's quaint backstreets, Eastgate Street, starts at The Quay and runs parallel to Church Street.



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