Harwich (3) Location map
  Photo of the River Stour and part of Ha'penny Pier, Harwich, Essex, England   The River Stour, Harwich.

This view across the River Stour to the commercial port of Felixstowe is from The Quay. The small wooden structure in the foreground is part of the Ha'penny Pier. The Mayflower was built here in Harwich and there is a small Mayflower exhibition on the Ha'penny Pier.

Just beyond the last lamppost on the pier is a red lightship.


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  View of the Treadwheel Crane, Harwich, Essex, England   The Treadwheel Crane, Harwich.

The treadwheel mechanism is in the interior of the wooden structure and was worked by two men; each one walking in the interior of one of the two wheels. Each wheel is 16ft in diameter, 3ft 10ins wide and made of oak, the wheels being spaced 4ft apart on a common axle. It was, astonishingly, in use until 1928.



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  View of the Ha'penny Pier Visitor Centre, Harwich, Essex, England   The Ha'penny Pier Visitor Centre, Harwich.

This shows the old Victorian ticket office where visitors paid the halfpenny toll to walk on the pier. It now forms part of the Mayflower exhibition and entry to the exhibition is free.

The Ha'penny Pier was twice the length it is now until half of it was burned down.

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  Photo of the Ha'penny Pier, Harwich, Essex, England   The Ha'penny Pier, Harwich.

There is a small tea room on the pier opposite the Mayflower exhibition and you can see some of the tables and chairs where you can drink your cup of tea in fine weather.

The blue and white building in the distance is the Ha'penny Pier Hotel.


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  Photo on the Ha'penny Pier, Harwich, Essex, England   The Ha'penny Pier, Harwich.

This shows the promenade deck of the pier where, on a warm sunny day, you can sit and watch the ships go by.

The large cranes in the background are in the Port of Felixstowe on the other side of the river.


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