The area around Flatford Mill. Location map
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  View of Flatford Bridge and Bridge Cottage, Flatford, Suffolk, England   Flatford Bridge and the 16th century Bridge Cottage will be the first things you'll see when arriving at Flatford. Crossing the bridge, from the cottage side, and turning left will take you to the riverside views of The Granary Barn and then Flatford Mill.

Refreshments are also available by the cottage.

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  Photograph of the Granary Barn across the River Stour, Flatford Mill, Dedham Vale, Suffolk, England   Having crossed the bridge, but before reaching Flatford Mill, you will see across the river the Granary Barn. This barn was built originally to store grain for the mill.

The barn annexe also provides bed and breakfast although I've no idea what the accommodation is like. However if you want bed and breakfast near Flatford Mill they don't come any nearer than this.



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  View of Flatford Mill, Dedham Vale, Suffolk, England   Follow the lane next to Bridge Cottage, instead of going over the bridge, and past the Granary Barn is this roadside view of Flatford Mill with Willie Lott's Cottage behind the camera.

The mill was built by Abram Constable in 1753 and was left to John Constable's father when Abram died.



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  Picture of Wille Lott's Cottage, Flatford, Suffolk, England   Continuing past the mill will bring you to Willie Lott's Cottage. This is widely known after Constable depicted it in his painting of 'The Hay Wain'.

The original cottage, timber-framed, late medieval, is the small single storey section on the right. The tallest wing on the left was built in the early 17th century and the central section was added in the late 17th century.



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  Photograph of the medieval Valley Farm, Flatford, Suffolk, England   Valley Farm is near the mill but on the opposite side of the road and dates from the 15th century. It is the oldest building at Flatford and is a Medieval Hall House.




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