More information on the New Forest, Hampshire

We have been to the New Forest a number of times over the years and it's about 10 years since we were last here. We were surprised to find how much more traffic now goes through Lyndhurst. We had to queue to get into the town's one-way system but once in the system the traffic seemed to be moving at a reasonable speed.

There are four main routes into Lyndhurst and traffic seemed to be queing on all of them. If you don't want to visit Lyndhurst specifically then I suggest that you avoid it if you can. However there is an information centre here and various places providing refreshments that you may wish to visit.

The back roads through the forest were much quieter and there are car parks dotted around almost everywhere so it is easy to stop and walk in the forest or on the open heaths.

The Ordnance Survey 'New Forest' map at a scale of 2.5 inches to the mile shows a lot of detail and is very useful for finding specific features.