Winchester (6), Hampshire. Location map
  Scene showing King Alfred's statue in the lower part of the High Street, Winchester, Hampshire (Hants), England   King Alfred's statue and the Broadway at the lower end of the High Street.

A little further on the road passes over the City Bridge by City Mill (just before the large white road sign on the right) where there is access to the riverside walk - The Weirs Walk. The wooded high ground at the back is part of St. Giles Hill.

The viewing platform on St. Giles Hill, mentioned below, can actually be seen at the front of the open space on the hill beyond (Better in the full size view).

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  View of the Old Chesil Rectory, Winchester (Hants), England   The Old Chesil Rectory.

This jettied, timber framed, building in Chesil Street is dated 1459 although it is said to be probably 16th Century.

Chesil Street is derived from Cheesehill Street, which comes from the Anglo-Saxon ceosel, meaning 'gravel'.


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  Photograph of the view from St. Giles Hill, Winchester, Hampshire (Hants), England   View from St. Giles Hill.

The cathedral can be seen standing prominently on the left and in the right half of the picture we can see almost straight along the Broadway, with King Alfred's statue, and beyond to the High Street.

St. Giles Hill is a rather pleasant wooded hill with open grassy spaces and a viewing platform looking out over the city.


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  View the Riverside Walk, Winchester, Hampshire (Hants), England   The Weirs Walk.

This surfaced path runs from City Bridge, alongside the River Itchen, a fast flowing clear chalk river famous for its trout, to near Wolvesey Castle and then continuing, along unsurfaced public footpaths, across the Water Meadows to St. Cross Hospital and St. Cathrine's Hill.



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  View in Wolvesey Castle showing the cathedral tower, Winchester, Hampshire (Hants), England   Wolvesey Castle ruins.

This ruin was once the Medieval Bishops Palace and is quite near the cathedral, as you might expect, and the cathedral tower can be seen in the background.

The ruins are quite extensive and there are little notice boards around which explain each feature.

You can see in this view just how thick the walls were.

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