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Let's start with the village of Biggin. It's the sort of village that you will not want to walk around and look at except possibly the church. It is, however, in a very good location both for walking and touring by car. The path through Biggin Dale starts in the village, the Tissington Trail starts only just outside and it's an easy walk to Hartington.

Let's now set the scene for Biggin Hall where we stayed in May 2007. A 'Bed & Breakfast' establishment provides you with a room and breakfast but normally nothing else. A hotel provides you with a room and other services on demand which normally includes, but is not restricted to, meals such as breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Biggin Hall Hotel doesn't really fit into either of those categories - it is a little idiosyncratic.

Before we get down to the nitty gritty let me say now that we thoroughly enjoyed our stay here and would return without hesitation and have every intention of doing so.

Photograph of Biggin Hall, Biggin, Derbyshire, England   Biggin Hall is a lovely 17th century stone building which is very nicely furnished with antiques and sits in it's own grounds of about eight acres which include well kept gardens with tables, parasols and chairs. It also has enough parking space for all guests.

Entry to the hotel is through an enclosed porch into one of the lounge areas. There is no reception desk but at the back of this lounge there is a telephone with instructions for calling reception. The staff always seemed to be very prompt in answering this. We were attended to very quickly and shown to our room and were provided with a pint of milk for the refrigerator that is to be found in each room. These refrigerators are totally silent and we can vouch for that.

Our room was not exceptionally large but was large enough not to feel cramped. The bed was enormous and there was one easy chair and one upright chair, the usual tea/coffe making equipment and a small television. The bathroom was of a good size and had a window which is not always the case.

Photograph of Biggin Hall, Biggin, Derbyshire, England   There is another lounge area and a library. We found the library to be a particularly pleasant room with french doors opening on to the garden.

Going on to other features and the hotel starts to show it's idiosyncratic nature. There is only one sitting for dinner at seven o'clock and guests assemble in the lounges for pre-dinner drinks and to place their orders from 6.30 onwards. You are not, of course, obliged to have a drink but you will want to place your order for dinner. There is a choice of starters and desserts but only one main course with a vegetarian alternative. The main courses are in the traditional style and of excellent quality and tend to include beef, pork/gammon, chicken, lamb and fish - things that the vast majority of guests will happily eat.

Guests are called into the dining room, part of which overlooks the garden, and may sit where they choose with some obvious limitations - two people would not be expected to sit at a table set for 3 or 4. All the starters are then served and dishes cleared away promptly as individual tables finish.

When the majority of guests have finished their starters the main course is then served. As guests finish their main course they are asked for their preference for dessert which is normally served shortly after. You can help yourselves to cheese and biscuits and coffee is available in one of the lounges where guests can also help themselves.

Breakfast is served between 8.00 and 9.00 A.M. and is buffet style. It includes a hotplate section with the usual offerings such as Bacon, Sausages, Tomato, Mushrooms, Baked Beans, Fried Bread, selection of Eggs and porridge. Kippers are available on request. There is a large pot of coffee from which you may help yourself and tea, if requested, is brought to the table. There is a variety of Cereals, Brans, Prunes, Muesli, Dried Tropical Fruits, Fruit Juices, Homemade Brioches, Croissants, Jams, Marmalades and Honey and, of course, toast. Everything was of the same high quality as the dinner.

They now provide both cooked lunches or a packed lunch to order and afternoon tea.

There is free access to wireless broadband but from only the main lounge. I have tried it from other rooms and it does sometimes work although the connection is sporadic but from the main lounge it functions perfectly.

Reading some reviews on the Internet it is apparent that some people, although in the minority, don't like it's idiosyncratic nature so if you are one of those then don't stay here. It was a first for us and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Guests tend to converse with each other a little more than might be the case in a standard hotel which I think is a good thing. There were a number of guests that we spoke to who return on a regular basis.

Your bill can be settled using a credit card but they do add a small percentage for that method. Paying by debit card incurs no extra cost.

We are of the opinion that it gives very good value for money. We do recommend this hotel assuming that you'll like it's idiosyncrasies and we will be back!

This hotel does have its own web site

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