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Photograph of the Castle and Ball Hotel, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England   We stayed at this hotel for the duration of our 3 day visit to Marlborough in July 2006.

The hotel has it's own car park behind the building and is accessed from High Street through an archway - the dark opening on the right of the picture. This arch was built in the days of coaches and horses and was never intended for cars. There was just a few inches clearance either side of our wing mirrors but the car park is large and roomy enough. There is also an entrance to the hotel from the car park and reception is a small desk just inside the door.

Our room was a standard room and pleasant enough. It was not especially large but neither was it cramped as standard rooms can be sometimes.

The dining room was air-conditioned which was very welcome with the hot weather that we experienced. There was background music playing all the time which both of us found intrusive and pretty dreadful. The food, however, was good both at dinner and breakfast. They also offer room service for meals and we had meals in our room twice. They were not expensive and the food was really very good.

The bar also had some pretty awful background music and both that and the dining room music could be heard together if one stood in the right place in the public lounge. I hate to think what it would be like if someone turned on the television in the public lounge as well.

This wasn't really our sort of hotel but if you like busy and overly lively places then you may like it. We would, however, stay here again if it happened to be convenient because it certainly does offer good value for money.

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