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Photograph of the Castle of Brecon Hotel, Brecon, Brecknockshire, Wales   We stayed in this hotel in July 2006. One thing that can make or break an hotel is the attitude of the staff. If they are welcoming, friendly and helpful it can make a lot of difference to one's stay and this hotel seems to have made it an art form! They went out of their way to help with our queries about the area often summoning a member of staff from the deeper recesses who would have the appropriate local knowledge.

Our room turned out to be one of the best hotel rooms we've had although not one of the largest. It was certainly roomy enough and included a seating area by the windows with a comfortable sofa and armchairs. The bed was a large four-poster, although I'm not a particular fan of those, but it was let down by the mattress which was too soft. I suspect that this was because it was like me - getting on a bit. I would like to see it changed.

There was no Internet access although I'm told it is under consideration.

Photograph from the Castle of Brecon Hotel, Brecon, Brecknockshire, Wales   If we were to rank views out of our hotel bedroom window this hotel must surely be in the top three. The view shown is only one out of three different views depending which of the three windows we used. One view over the town, this one along the river and one out to the Brecon Beacons. The two views not shown here are on the first Brecon page.

The restaurant and bar were comfortable, although nothing out of the ordinary, and the food in both was very good indeed. There are separate menus for the restaurant and the bar giving a wide choice of dishes. We ate both in the restaurant and in the bar and thoroughly enjoyed all our evening meals. Breakfast is served in the restaurant and I noted that if you order tea it is brought to your table but if you want coffee then you have to serve yourself. I don't like having to get up every time I want a cup of coffee and I don't see why it cannot be provided in a pot on the table like tea. It is, however, a relatively minor gripe.

The hotel has its own car park in front of the hotel which provides enough parking for all rooms and it has a nice garden at the back where you can see the remains of the Norman castle to which to hotel is attached. You can see a small part of the garden in the picture above and a part of the castle in the top picture.

This hotel is classified as an AA 2 star hotel but, in our experience, is better than some 3 star hotels that we have tried and we strongly recommended both the hotel and the town.

NOTE: This hotel has since been placed under new management and we have no experience of it in its current form.

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