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We stayed at The George Hotel for the duration of our visit to Rye in June 2007.

I made the booking on the telephone only 5 days before we wanted to travel and I was promised confirmation by email. It had not arrived by the next day so I telephoned again to be told that reception would be asked to send it but by the time we left for Rye it had not arrived. It never did arrive. Not a good start!

Thankfully our booking was confirmed and, although we arrived early, our room was ready. It was the last room in the place, was on the third floor (no lift) and was what they termed a 'de-luxe' room. A de-luxe room, apparently, is larger than a standard room in which case I wouldn't like to stay in one of their standard rooms. Our room was as large as the average hotel's standard room with a sofa squeezed into it and we were paying an extra £50.00 a night for the 'larger' room.

There was not a lot of storage room - one wardrobe with hanging space and some shelves and two bedside units with some small drawers. The bathroom was fine with a good range of toiletries and the housekeeping and general decor were very good.

Their dining room was not a large room and struck me as a little odd - it reminded me of a tea shop. There were padded bench-style seats around the walls with tables arranged parallel and ordinary dining chairs on the outside of the table. It was probably the only way to get the maximum number of tables in the smallish room. The tables were only just large enough and a bit of shunting around was required at breakfast to get everything on the table.

The food, however, was excellent and well presented. Those of you with large appetites may find that the dinner portions are not enough and we thought that the dinner courses were overpriced. The food at breakfast was also very good with butter on a small dish, rather than those awful little packets, real orange juice but a very limited selection of cereals. There were linen napkins at both meals which is good and the preserves at breakfast appeared to be homemade.

The hotel, like a number of others in Rye, has no parking space of its own. They did tell me, when I booked, that there was a car park within reasonable walking distance that charged £1.00 per 24 hours and indeed there was. What they didn't mention is that it is closed on Thursday because the market is held there and you have to find somewhere else which, in a place like Rye where parking space is at a premium, is not easy and can be very expensive. See the parking page for more details. We were able to park outside to unload and load our luggage.

The staff were, generally, very willing, friendly and helpful and helped us with our luggage without being asked. We did mention that the locking knob on the inside of the bathroom door was missing - leaving just a square shaft. They promised that it would be fixed but by the time we left it was still missing and there was no explanation or apology forthcoming.

Had the prices been reasonable we probably would have glossed over some of the points raised but it was expensive and overpriced for what they provide. If we couldn't find anywhere else to stay then we would go back there for a short stay but next time we hope to find somewhere else preferably with better parking facilities.

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