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We stayed at the Hope Anchor Hotel for the duration of our visit to Rye in April 2008.

Photograph of the Hope Anchor Hotel, Rye, Sussex, England One does occasionally, although not often, find a hidden gem and this mid 18th century hotel is one of them and I found it on the Internet whilst searching for somewhere different to stay in Rye on this visit.We paid, in 2008, £95.00 per day, dinner, bed and breakfast for two people (£47.50 per person) and stayed for four nights.

I made the booking by telephone and received written confirmation shortly afterwards. We arrived early just about lunchtime and found that our room was ready. It was not exceptionally spacious but large enough with room for two small, comfortable armchairs at the foot of the four-poster bed. The two sash windows in the external wall looked out towards Winchelsea across the harbour and Romney Marsh - an absolutely super view. We could even see Camber Castle out on the marsh with the sea beyond (See the next picture).

Photograph of Camber Castle from the Hope Anchor Hotel, Rye, Sussex, England The en-suite bathroom had a combined dressing area complete with dressing table and wardrobe and was, all in all, a very good size. It even had a window providing natural light - always a plus as not all hotel bathrooms do.

Having unpacked and settled in it was time for lunch which we decided to have in the hotel. Firstly because it was handy and secondly because it would enable us to find out what standard of food we had let ourselves in for bearing in mind what we were paying. We needn't have worried - the bar food was truly excellent. I had a seafood pancake which was positively scrumptious and Amanda had Egg and Bacon with Bubble & Squeak. She remarked on how nice it was and particularly that the Bubble & Squeak was of a light texture and not soaked in oil or fat. A very good start indeed.

We discovered at dinner that evening that the food, again, was nicely presented and I can feel that word 'scrumptious' rearing it's ugly head again. There was a good selection of courses for starters, main courses and desserts including vegetarian options. One really couldn't ask for better.

Photograph of the Hope Anchor Hotel, Rye, Sussex, England This hotel, like a number of others in Rye, has no parking space of its own. They did explain clearly when I booked that they had no parking of their own but that they provided parking permits which permitted us to park in the road outside for an unlimited period at no extra charge. They have no reserved spaces so it's first come first served but we found spaces each time we returned to the hotel and they are willing to help you find a space.

There is wireless Internet access which reaches some rooms but not all. Our room was rather borderline and the connection wasn't useable from there so I had to go down to the little lounge to get access. Not a real problem but just a minor inconvenience.

The staff were very friendly and helpful and, obviously, very competent. We were also shown some of the other available rooms which are all individual and certainly not at all cramped. Would we go there again? You'll have to fight to stop us. Would we recommend it? Don't be absurd - of course we would but please don't go as it will then leave more space for us when we go back.

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