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We stayed at the Kings Arms Hotel on Strand Street for the duration of our visit to Sandwich in October 2010. I made our booking by telephone on a Saturday and we arrived about 4:00 PM the next day.

Photograph of the Kings Arms Hotel, Sandwich, Kent, England   There is plenty of parking space at the back with access from Church Street St. Mary's. We had been advised that they close between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM so we were expecting to leave our car here whilst we started to explore Sandwich and register after six o'clock but as we got out of the car a gentleman appeared and asked if he could help. It appears that they had 'overun' on serving lunchtime meals, which happens occasionally, so we were able to register and go up to our room straight away.

The room was small although not at all cramped but had little storage. The available storage was in a chest of drawers and drawers in a dressing table, there being no wardrobe, although there was a row of coat pegs on the wall.

The standard of accommodation really dropped with regards to the 'ensuite' facilities. This is an ancient listed building, and a very nice one at that, but it wasn't built with ensuite facilities in mind and the internal structure can't be chopped about to accommodate such things. So the only thing to be done was to use a corner of each room as a 'bathroom'. This means small. It is, in effect, a large cupboard which holds a toilet, a wash basin and a shower.

The toilet has to include a shredder/pump mechanism because only small diameter waste pipes are practical and it does make a bit of a noise when it's working. It also comes into operation when using the wash basin and the shower as all the waste water goes through it. The wash basin is about half the size of a standard one which doesn't make it easy to use and the shower cubical is about a standard size. There is nothing the management can do about this so I can't see it changing in the future. It's useable for up to about 3 days in my opinion but I wouldn't like to have to use it over a longer period.

Food at breakfast and dinner was excellent and the menu at dinner was really quite varied with a good selection of options. We both thoroughly enjoyed our meals here and the staff were very pleasant and always willing to help.

The hotel does have free wireless internet access but the range is rather limited. The signal in our room was too weak to be of any real value and I imagine that problem also extends to two of the rooms near ours. I don't know whether the signal in the other three rooms is any better but it is possible to use either the Bar or the function room, assuming it's not in use, to get a usable signal but not terribly convenient.

We recommend the Kings Arms Hotel with reservations (No pun intended) i.e don't expect a proper bathroom. We would stay here again but, and I repeat my previous remark, not for longer than around three days.

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