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This hotel is situated in the Bull Ring/Corve Street - I'm not sure where the street name changes. We stayed here for the duration of our visit to this area in July 2005.

The entrance to the car park is accessed via an archway through from the front of the building but there are 40 rooms in this hotel and only 25 parking spaces. If you can't get a space then you will have to park elsewhere in the town - not very convenient. Spaces are at a premium on Fridays and Saturdays.

Staff at reception were very helpful and they needed to be! Our room had an electronic lock opened by pushing a credit card sized card into a slot in the lock and both our cards 'lost' their programming frequently. We would go all the way up to our room on the second floor only to find that one or both of the cards no longer worked and had to go back down to reception to have them re-programmed. Some rooms do have 'ordinary' door keys.

Our room was at the front of the hotel overlooking the street and we found that this had two disadvantages. The two windows, when opened, gave very little airflow through the small openings and, because the weather was hot and humid, the room was uncomfortably warm. One night in particular was like sleeping in a sauna. The sun shone in the windows from late afternoon which didn't help either.

The other disadvantage is that, with the windows open, there was quite a lot of traffic noise. This was mainly because the hotel is not far from traffic lights and there was extra noise from the vehicles stopping and starting. We eventually asked to change rooms and were given a room at the back - much cooler and very quiet but still with a troublesome electronic lock! Both rooms also had an absolute minimum of storage space.

Using the public rooms is a bit like sitting in a museum and I don't mean that in a derogatory sense. They are simply amazing Jacobean oak panelled rooms. The general housekeeping in the hotel was excellent.

We had breakfast in the restaurant every day and it was very good with a good choice of food but we had dinner in the restaurant just once. We didn't have a starter but for the main course we both had Noisettes of Lamb which had, overall, only a small amount of lean meat. The sauce described on the menu could have been no more than a teaspoonful and the included mashed vegatable, also described on the menu, was the size of a large marble. Accompanying that we had a separate dish of vegetables and we could not have had more boring plain boiled vegatables - perfectly wholesome but very boring! The dessert, I'm glad to say, was good but the two courses were not very filling.

Bearing in mind that this meal cost £46.00 for two, without wine, we decided to eat out for our other meals. It's also worth mentioning at this point that there were fewer choices on the menu than some other hotels we've been to and there was no 'a la carte' menu.

The AA give this hotel a rosette for their food and I really can't imagine why unless they think the decorative value of the dishes is more important than the food itself.

There are plenty of good eating places in Ludlow! One of the ones that we tried was the 'Chang Thai' restaurant in Market Street. Very good indeed and obviously very popular.

The Feathers was a bit of a disappointment overall - We've been to better!

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