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We stayed at the Tree Horseshoes overnight during our short visit to Houghton in June 2009.

Photograph of the Three Horseshoes Inn, Houghton, Huntingdonshire, England   I made our booking by telephone as they don't have any web access. We parked our car in their car park when we arrived at around 11:30 AM but, as our room wasn't ready this early in the day, we went straight out sightseeing. We arrived back at the inn around 5:30 PM and were shown to our room. At £55.00 for Bed & Breakfast for two we weren't expecting a lot and the room was small although the bed was king size and, as it turned out, perfectly comfortable.

The room, however was partly in the roof space and, in consequence, had a sloping ceiling on one side of the bed. The slope was, however, so close to the bed that one could only move along that side by shuffling along with one's knuckles on the bed or by crawling the length of the bed (Take your pick). There was enough room for a small wardrobe and a chest of drawers with a small bedside cabinet each side of the bedhead.

The bathroom was not en-suite but we were advised of that before we booked but it wasn't shared with anyone else. They have only two rooms and the other room is en-suite but was already booked.

The bathroom, a few yards along the hall, was a good size with both a bath and shower but using the shower was rather cramped, again partly because of a sloping ceiling, as there wasn't much space between the wall and the shower curtain. It would have been better with a glass shower screen but I'm not sure if there would be enough height to fit one.There was no soap but a rather strange mixture of gel/shampoo bottles some of which were unlabelled. We were supplied with a hand towel and a bath towel each.

They had an interesting and comprehensive menu for dinner and the food turned out to be excellent. There were three distinct areas to eat. The restaurant area inside, a conservatory area connected to that and some tables outdoors for fine weather. The general housekeeping could have been better and we noticed, having chosen to eat in the conservatory, that the venetian blinds on the conservatory windows were thick with dust.

The weather was very hot and the room was rather warm although it did have a small openable window sash and it had cooled off by the morning. We decided that any sort of duvet would be too warm so we removed the duvet/quilt from its cover with the intention of using just the cover which is what we did. However we did notice a large unpleasant looking yellow stain on the thin artificial fibre duvet. It does seem to be a bit penny pinching not to replace it as that would cost only a few pounds.

The cooked breakfast was good and butter was supplied in a small pot which is better than those awful plastic packs. We weren't given a choice of bread for toast (Brown or White) and there was no jam or marmalade on the table. Asking for marmalade seemed to come as a surprise and a search was instigated. There was no marmalade but we did end up with some different types of jam.

Bed & Breakfast does seem to be reasonable value for money although we wouldn't want to stay in that same room for more than a night. The other en-suite room may be better but we haven't seen it to be able to comment. We can recommend the food in their restaurant without hesitation. Top notch pub food!

They do not have a web site of their own although a web search will produce some information on other web sites.

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