Rochester Castle (1), Kent Location map
  Photo showing Rochester Castle from the east, Rochester, Kent, England   Rochester Castle from the east showing the outer curtain wall with two of the towers. Keeps were traditionally built with an entrance at first-floor level, and Rochester's follows this pattern.The castle is owned by English Heritage and managed by Medway Council.



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  Photo showing cottages in Crow Lane, Rochester, Kent, England   Inside the keep at Rochester Castle. This view is taken from the entrance level i.e. the first floor there being another storey below. The keep's interior is divided for its entire height by a cross wall running east-west seen on the left.

During King John's siege of Rochester in 1215 the south-east corner collapsed but was rebuilt in cylindrical form during Henry III's reign.



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  Photo showing a spiral stairway, Rochester Castle, Rochester, Kent, England   A spiral staircase in the north-east corner provides access to all floors, and another in the south-west corner went from the first floor to the top floor.



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  Photo showing the Vines, Rochester, Kent, England   The walls of the keep are 12 feet thick at the base and taper to 10 feet thick at the top and the thickness of the walls allowed rooms and passages to be built into them.



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