The Royal Institution, London Location map
  View of the Faraday Museum, Royal Institution, London, England   Mayfair area.

This is part of the Faraday Museum on the lower ground floor where the theme is experimentation and shows the world-changing science that has happened at the Royal Institution since 1799.

You can see the scientific instruments that were used 200 years ago and the highlight of the exhibition is Faraday's magnetic laboratory as it was in the 1850s.



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  Photograph of  the Faraday Museum, London, England   Mayfair area.

Although the lower ground floor is the main part of the museum there are other exhibits on the ground and first floors. Entry to the museum at the time of writing (2012) is free.



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  View of Piccadilly, London, England   Mayfair area.

This is the main staircase from the ground floor to the first floor in its original colour scheme and the statue is of Michael Faraday. The staircase does look rather grand. The first floor gives access to the lecture theatre which is definitely worth a visit.

Also on this floor is a nice little cafe serving light refreshments.



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  Photograph of  the lecture theatre, Royal Institution, London, England   Mayfair area.

The Royal Institution began holding lectures in this theatre in the early nineteenth century and they proved so popular that all the people coming in their carriages made Albemarle Street so crowded that it became the first one way street in London.

This theatre has been host to a great number of renowned speakers including Michael Faraday, HG Wells, David Attenborough and Roger Bannister. The Theatre is also familiar to those who watch the Royal Institution's Christmas Lectures which are broadcast on television every year.


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