St. James's Park, London Location map
  Photograph of the view along St. James's Park lake to Whitehall, London, England   Westminster area.

This view is from just below Buckingham Palace towards Whitehall, the jumble of rooves showing at the end. An elegant suspension bridge was built across the lake in 1857 and was replaced 100 years later by the not so elegant concrete one seen in the distance.



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  Photograph of  St. James's Park and the London Eye, London, England   Westminster area.

The London Eye seen from the footbridge in St. James's Park which reinforces the fact that in central London nothing is very far from everything else.



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  Photograph of  the fountain, St. James's Park, London, England   Westminster area.

The fountain at the east end of the lake in St. James's Park.

St. James's Park was once a swampy wasteland which the River Tyburn often flooded on its way to the Thames and pigs often foraged here. That all changed when King James I decided to drain and landscape it in 1603.


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  Photograph of a walkway, St. James's Park, London, England   Westminster area.

The Duke of York Steps, part of the Jubilee Loop which itself is part of the Jubilee Walkway, offer a short cut from St. James's Park to Piccadilly or vice versa. The chap on top of the column is, needless to say, Prince Frederick, Duke of York and second eldest son of King George III.



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