Around Tuesday Market Square, King's Lynn, Norfolk Location map
  View of the Lattice House, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England   The Lattice House, King's Lynn.

At the junction of Austin Street and Albert Street is this timber-framed building with brick infill. This is a 15th century town house which was converted to an inn in the early 18th century.



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  View of True's Yard Museum, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England   True's Yard, King's Lynn.

True's Yard Museum is built around the last surviving cottages in the North End of King's Lynn and is about the old North End fishing community. There are many interesting exhibits both inside and outside and there is also a small tea room.



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  Photograph of Pilot Street, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England   Pilot Street, King's Lynn.

The yellow and white timber-framed building on the left is the old Grampus Inn. This was an inn until 1921 when it was converted to private housing.




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  Photograph of St. Nicholas' Chapel, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England   St. Nicholas' Chapel, King's Lynn

This chapel is much larger than a lot of churches we have seen. In spite of its size it is called a chapel because it's in the same parish as the Minster and a parish can have only one 'church'.

I don't know when it was built but it was, apparently, re-built around 1380 although the tower dates from around 1225.


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