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  View of Hampton Court, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England   Hampton Court, King's Lynn.

Hampton Court is a group of buildings, near St Margaret's Church, forming a quadrangular shape built up over 300 years starting in the 14th century. It is the bright ochre coloured sunlit building in the picture which stands on the corner of Nelson Street where it joins St. Margaret's lane.

The South Wing was constructed first followed by the West Wing at the end of the 15th century. The East Wing soon followed and has an arch that leads into the courtyard. The North Wing completed the building a century later.

It is believed the building takes its name from John Hampton, a master baker who became a freeman in 1645. It was recently converted into 15 individual dwellings.;

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  Photograph of Nelson Street, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England   Nelson Street, King's Lynn

It may be hard to believe but this street is the same street as in the picture above. They are different ends of Nelson Street with this one showing what used to be buildings used in the malting process and as granaries.

The projecting parts of the buildings at roof level would have housed hoists to facilitate the movement of grain.


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  View of Greyfriars Tower, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England   Greyfriars Tower, King's Lynn.

Greyfriars Tower situated in the Tower Gardens stands 93 feet high and leans about a degree and a half to the north west. It was built as a bell tower in the 15th century.

It is open to the public at all times and is free.




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  Photograph of Greyfriars Tower interior, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England   Greyfriars Tower, King's Lynn.

This view of the Greyfriars Tower is from under the main arch looking vertically up to the top.

The friary was, of course, demolished on the orders of Henry VIII but the tower was left standing as it was recognised as a navigation aid to seamen.



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