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  View of the Red Mount Chapel, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England   Red Mount Chapel, King's Lynn.

Red Mount chapel, also known as 'Our Lady's Chapel', is a unique building built in the 15th century to contain a relic of the Virgin but was also used by pilgrims on their way to Walsingham.

This curious landmark in 'The Walks', Kings Lynn's urban park, is now open to the public during the day although its opening is very restricted. When we were there in 2013 it was open 1pm - 4pm, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 18th May - 15th September. If you do want to see inside then check opening times with the Tourist Information Centre before you go.

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  View of the 15th century monastic range, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England   Priory Lane, King's Lynn.

This shows a 15th century monastic range belonging to the Benedictine Priory of St Margaret now converted into modern dwellings. The priory was originally founded in 1100 which precedes St. Margaret's Church (the Minster).


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  Photograph of Trinity Guildhall, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England   Trinity Guildhall & the Town Hall, King's Lynn.

Trinity Guildhall built between 1422 and 1428 is the building on the extreme right. The similarly styled entrance facade in the centre, to the left of the guildhall, is an extension built in 1624.

The building to the left of the entrance was the final expansion, with a similar chequered style front, added in 1895.


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  Photograph of St. George's Guildhall, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England   St. George's Guildhall, King's Lynn

Originally built as a guildhall for the prosperous wool trade, St George's has been used under many guises including a corn exchange, a weapons store and finally, a theatre. St George's guildhall now proudly stands as the largest surviving medieval guildhall in England - boasting many original and rare medieval features. Its Great Hall measures 101 feet long by 29 feet wide.

This 15th century building is open to the public during the day and entry is free. It is worth visiting to see that amazing roof.

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