Ancient buildings, Ludlow, Shropshire. Location map
  Castle Lodge, Castle Square, Ludlow, Shropshire, England   Castle Lodge, Ludlow.

This building is situated right outside the castle gates, hence the cannon, and dates from the 14th century although it has been altered over the centuries and the current form dates from Tudor times. The timber-framed top storey was added around 1600.

Although privately owned it is, at the time of writing, open to the public.


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  Ye Olde Bullring Tavern, Ludlow, Shropshire, England   Ye Olde Bull Ring Tavern, Ludlow.

Situated in the Bull Ring, near Castle Square, this building dates from the 14th century.


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  The Old Gatehouse, Ludlow, Shropshire, England   The Old Gatehouse, Ludlow.

This is situated in Old Street. The timber-framed construction on the right is a separate building. Just round the corner in St. John's Road you can see part of the old medieval town wall.



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  Parish church, Ludlow, Shropshire, England   Parish church of St. Lawrence, Ludlow.

This church is the largest parish church in Shropshire with a tower 132 feet high and dates from the 12th century. Parts were rebuilt in the 14th century and again in the 15th century including the present tower.

A cherry tree stump marks the spot where the poet A.E.Housman was buried in 1936 and he is commemorated by a plaque on the north wall of the church.

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  The Readers House, Ludlow, Shropshire, England   The Reader's House house near the parish church, Ludlow.

To the east of the church is this rather splendid stone and timber house. Parts of the building date back to the 13th century although the carved half-timbered three storey porch was added in 1616.

The house was used as a grammar school in the 15th century, was once owned by the Palmers Guild and was used by the important officers of the Council of the Marches. In the 18th century it became the home of the Reader.



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