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  Photograph of the church of St. Mary the Virgin, East Bergholt, Suffolk, England  

The church of St. Mary the Virgin, East Bergholt which you will pass if you walk to Flatford from the Red Lion .

The tower on the left was begun in 1525 but building stopped in 1530 on the death of Cardinal Wolsey, who was paying for it, and it was never completed.

This view is from the start of the Flatford Road which is the little lane that goes to Flatford Mill.


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  View of Dedham vale near East Bergholt, Suffolk, England   Looking South-West across Dedham Vale from Flatford Road - the lane to Flatford Mill from East Bergholt.

The tower of Dedham Church is the small light patch just below the horizon in the distance in the centre of the picture. John Constable went to the local Grammar School in Dedham.

Dedham is pronounced Ded'am - without sounding the 'h'.

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