Buildings in Long Melford, Suffolk. Location map
  Photo of the main street, Long Melford, Suffolk, England   Hall Street, Long Melford.

The buildings in this street date from the 15th century (Medieval) to Victorian. There is a wide variety of shops including many antique shops. Some of the 'Lovejoy' television episodes were filmed here.

You will notice that the road is very wide and cars can be seen to be parked along both sides - convenient but not particulary attractive.


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  Photo of the Medieval/Tudor Bull Hotel, Long Melford, Suffolk, England   The Bull Hotel, Hall Street, Long Melford.

This was built in about 1450 and so is Medieval but looking closely at some of the features it appears to be Tudor. It was probably altered substantially in Tudor times and you may notice, in the larger view, the typical Tudor doorframe in the main entrance.

We had morning coffee here in the lounge with it's massive Elizabethan fireplace. Good coffee but the service was a little slow.


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  View of colour washed buildings in Hall Street, Long Melford, Suffolk, England   Hall Street, Long Melford.

It was the wool industry that gave Long Melford it's prosperity like so many other Suffolk wool towns and villages.

The tall Tudor chimney stacks are typical of many of the buildings here.


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  View of the Chimneys restaurant in Hall Street, Long Melford, Suffolk, England   Chimneys Restaurant, Hall Street, Long Melford.

A charming 16th century timber-framed Tudor building, now converted to a restaurant, featuring the typical tall chimney stacks mentioned previously.



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