Marlborough (2), Wiltshire. Location map
  View of Marlborough, Wiltshire (Wilts), England   Marlborough.

Another view of the High Street from next to the Town Hall looking West and you can probably see that it looks a little congested. The High Street must be one of the widest in the country but, apart from the market stalls, it is just one giant car park with parking along both sides and in the centre.

This is not what we would describe as a good shopping centre as there was a rather odd mix of shops. A good variety of places to eat though.


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  Scene showing St. Mary's Church, Marlborough, Wiltshire (Wilts), England   St. Mary's Church, Marlborough, Wiltshire.

St. Mary's Church is mentioned in the Doomesday Book but the only visible part of the original Norman Church is the West Door. There was a disastrous fire in 1653 when the roof and interior were burnt out and most of the Church had to be demolished with a new Church, the current building, built in its place.



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  View of houses on the green, Marlborough, Wiltshire (Wilts), England   The Green, Marlborough.

A Saxon settlement grew up around this green which has remained relatively unchanged for the past 300 years. An interesting point is that there is no reference to a town called Marlborough before 1086 so was it, like Devizes, created by the Norman conquerors to one side of the Saxon settlement?



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  Photograph of Marlborough, Wiltshire (Wilts), England   Marlborough.

There are plenty of narrow lanes and alleys in Marlborough which were obviously never intended for motor cars. This view is from near St. Mary's Church looking across Oxford Street into The Parade.


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