More Information on Burbage Edge, Derbyshire Peak District, England

Burbage Edge, Derbyshire, England, Great Britain
A.  At what appears to be the head of the valley on the left of the edge is a small car park and this edge may be accessed easily from there. There is no charge for parking.

It may be hard to believe but the centre of Sheffield is only about 7 miles from the car park.

The walk along the top, or bottom, of the edge is very easy with a hardly noticeable incline.

B.  The path along the bottom of the edge can be clearly seen here.

This is a very pleasant walk on a warm sunny day. Starting from the car park access to the edge may be gained by going through/over the stile in the stone wall.

There is an obvious worn path leading up a slight incline onto the edge. Have a look at the map, by following the 'Location map' link above, and you will see that there is an apparent gap in the edge. It is possible to walk to this gap and scramble down the slope to the path at the bottom and walk back to the car park along the bottom of the edge. This is about two miles total for the return trip. The scale of the map is 2.5 miles to the inch.

Continuing past the gap to the end of the edge, at the A6187 road, is no more than two miles (a return trip of four miles). A delightful and easy walk.

If you want to see how to get there zoom out on the map to an appropriately smaller scale. When the name of the edge is no longer shown (because of the smaller scale) look for 'Burbage Moor'. The road that leads to Burbage Edge runs approximately East-West above Burbage Moor.

This is a popular spot on a warm weekend, probably day trippers from Sheffield, and although the area never seems crowded the small car park does fill fairly quickly. It is not practical to park on the side of the road. Visit on a weekday if you can rather than weekends or bank holidays.