Parking Information for Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England

When parking in Cambridge you have three choices.

1. Parking in the city centre.

This is the most expensive option with charges ranging from £1.50 for 1 hour to £20.00 for over 5 hours - yes that's twenty pounds! Cambridge City Council don't want your cars in the city centre.

Compare these charges with Ely, in the same county, where parking is completely free.

If you are staying in Cambridge in a hotel or bed and breakfast accommodation then they should have their own free parking facilities but beware - a few places make a parking charge. Check before you book.

2. Parking by the roadside.

This is available in only some places - Queens Road being an example although the charges are 50p for every twenty minutes (£1.50 an hour).

3. Park and Ride.

If cars were to have unrestricted access to the city centre then, because the streets are so narrow, it would become choked with traffic and very unpleasant for visitors. The only alternative is to find parking space on the outskirts and create a Park and Ride scheme which is what the city council has done but they have made it far more expensive than it should be.

The Park and Ride system is very well organised with good signposting on all major routes into the city. These car parks are 2-3 miles outside the city centre with a bus service running every 10-15 minutes into the city. Parking is free but adults pay a bus fare of £1.80 each. A car carrying 4 adults will therefore pay £7.20 for their day's parking. Compare that with the Park and Ride scheme at Winchester where it would have cost them £1.50 only. Cambridge Park and Ride information including a map of the Park & Ride bus routes

If you have a bicycle carrier for your car you could park at one of these sites and cycle the 2 or 3 miles into the city. There is a secure cycle park based in the city inside Park Street car park and it is free, providing space for 282 cycles in cycle racks.

You could walk!!! The Madingley Park and Ride, probably the nearest, is about one and a half miles from the College Backs so just 3 miles for the return journey.


Information and charges based on our visit in 2004.