The city walls, Chester (7), Cheshire.  
View of the Watergate Tower on the city walls, Chester, Cheshire, Great Britain
Chester city walls.

This view is of the old Water Tower by the River Dee. The corner of the wall on which I am standing used to be right next to the River Dee but silting in the river caused it to change course away from the wall so in Medieval times a short extension to the wall was built, including the Water Tower, so that ships could, once again, moor against the city walls for loading and unloading.

This is on the North West corner of the walls just above the racecourse.


View of the Wall Walk near the cathedral, Chester, Cheshire, Great Britain
Chester city walls.

This view, on the eastern flank of the wall, is between King Charles Tower and the cathedral with the cathedral tower just visible through the trees.


View of the Roman Gardens, Chester, Cheshire, Great Britain
Roman Gardens, Chester.

These gardens near the south east corner of the city walls, between Souter's Lane and the wall, were created to display some of the Roman finds from Chester. The outside face of the city walls can be seen at the back of the picture.

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View of one of the towers on the wall, Chester, Cheshire, Great Britain
King Charles medieval tower on the city walls.

Although the Romans built the wall initially the gates and towers were added during Medieval times.

It is said that, in 1645, Charles I saw his troops defeated at the battle of Rowton Moor from the top of this tower.


View of shops on the city wall, Chester, Cheshire, Great Britain
Shops on the city wall.

This view is from the top of Northgate, on the northen section of wall, looking east with the Shropshire Union Canal below.

These appear to be the only shops actually on the wall. I don't remember seeing any others and I did a complete circuit of the walls.