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Barking mad!

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I wasn’t anticipating making an entry today but surprises happen.

We were both woken at dawn this morning by a Muntjac deer barking not far from our open bedroom window. It gave one bark about every 3-5 seconds and the little blighter must have kept going for twenty minutes. For those of you who have not heard one it makes a sound which is a cross between a bark and a scream – a bit like the call of a dog fox.

I could quite happily have throttled it. 👿

It did stop eventually but it was followed shortly after by a thunder storm. What do they say – ‘No rest for the wicked’ ?

The weather forecast for today is ‘Sun and Showers’. It is comfortably warm and we have just had breakfast in the garden.

It’s nice to know!


I’ve just had an email from someone who has done the High Beach Walk in Epping Forest and enjoyed it. That’s the second person who has told me they’ve done the walk and haven’t got lost which is nice to know. I could have been, inadvertantly, sending people into the depths of the forest to their doom. 😳

One of the disadvantages of running a web site is that of the many thousands of visitors it has each week very, very few take the trouble to contact me to say they found it useful or that they liked it.

Orchids galore!

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The weather today has been gorgeous – warm, dry and sunny. I walked to a local meadow to see if the Green Winged Orchids were flowering and they certainly were.

There were three separate areas which were covered in orchids and they looked spectacular. I went only as far as the entrance gate because the ground was really waterlogged, after about three days of rain, and I was wearing sandals which are not especially waterproof. smilies

Green Winged orchids

Whilst I was leaning on the gate two Muntjac deer appeared on the left-hand side of the meadow and walked slowly across to the right-hand hedge and disappeared. If they saw me they obviously weren't worried about it.

That was a worthwhile 10 minute walk.

Our next trip

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Our next ‘staying away’ trip is planned for next month and will be the first this year. We will be going to Norwich in Norfolk for a week and our accommodation is now booked for Monday 12th – Monday 19th June.

Our hotel is on the western edge of the city centre and the distance from there to the opposite edge of the city centre is only a mile so it should be relatively easy to get to most locations.

I believe that the hotel provides broadband access to guests so if that is the case then I shall try to update this blog fairly frequently during the trip and include the occasional picture.

I’ve not been to Norwich before and am looking forward to seeing some of the sights – the cathedral and river, what’s left of the old city walls, Elm Hill ( a picturesque cobbled medieval street) and so on. We also hope to travel outside of the city to see the coast and the Broads.

My only problem will be the weather. Pictures taken in cloudy weather never look as nice as those taken in sunshine. This is England after all. Last Thursday and Friday were wonderfully sunny and warm whereas Saturday until now have been cloudy with lots of rain. We can only wait and see.

Update: 6:15 PM

The weather has brightened up a lot this afternoon – mostly sunny, dry and warm and I saw a Muntjac deer in our lane.

It had to happen!

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Well – it had to happen – I’ve decided to start a blog so let that be a lesson to you.

I shall record whatever I think is relevant to Great Britain, travel and me whenever I feel so inclined. If I eventually decide that the whole thing is utterly banal or boring it will disappear without trace.

Today, and yesterday, have not been very nice, cloudy and raining although not cold, so it must be Spring. One nice thing about spring is that the hedges in some of the local fields are covered in white Blackthorn Blossom and the local woods are covered in Wood Anemonies.

Blackthorn Blossom
A Blackthorn hedge

Further revelations later.