More Information about Ely, Cambridgeshire, England

We went to Ely in early September and found it to be a pleasant little city. After stepping out of our car in the car park we visited the nearby public toilets, purely on your behalf you understand, and this pushed the city well up in our estimation as one could really not expect to see better anywhere.

The city seemed to be remarkably clean and well kept and there did not seem to be a lot of traffic on the streets. We first went to the Tourist Information Centre in Oliver Cromwell's house in St. Mary's Street and collected a free street plan (Shoppers' Guide) of the city centre and then on to the cathedral.

There are also information boards positioned in various places around the city which always appear to include a street plan. The advantage of these over our free street plan is that they included an arrow indicating where they were. We found that very useful on one particular occasion. There is a street plan on the Ely Parking page.