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Comment about the Anchor Hotel, Porlock
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We have had the pleasure of visiting 7 times in the last 8 years. 'Nuff said!!!!

The Durys, Brighton

I have just spent the weekend at the hotel and loved our room, especially the wonderful view out over the harbour. However, I was sad not to see the big flower tubs planted up outside, as these have looked spectacular in previous years when I have visited Porlock.

Sunday breakfast was a little disappointing. I asked for my kippers to be well grilled and crispy and they were served to me poached but hey ho, not a lot to grumble about in the big swell. I would also have liked Sunday papers to have been made available in the dining room as a nice little touch.

The staff were pleasant and friendly and I would go there again, but will not have kippers the next time!

Helen Pitt, Birmingham

Stayed weekend Sept 8th as a surprise. Owners/Greeters looked fed up! Room out of the fawlty towers era, flowered curtains etc flies in room, no hand towels, water very slow, outdated tired furnishings, ensuite miniscule, electrical sockets mounted with mastic. Weeds in front patio, food-main course meat fatty and tough, complained - was handled Ok but as all food cooked to order it would have meant another half hour wait. WORTHY OF THE HOTEL INSPECTOR VISIT from channel 4 tv. Not recommended.

Lew lew, Avon

This hotel used to be brilliant and we stayed many times. However, it changed hands and lost its heart about 2003.. I now hear it has sadly shut. Please let someone who knows the hotel business take over what it a truly wonderful location. Fingers crossed.

Daisy Mason, Wales Sun 22nd Mar 2009

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