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Comment about Barnack Hills and Holes, Northamptonshire

This photo shows the roof of the thatched bungalow, built by Bill Brick, on the corner of Millstone lane and Walcot road. My father, John Sharpe, sold the plot land to Bill Brick, in the 1950's. Bill , a local builder, had over the years ,salvaged various items, such as oak panels, beams etc. to include in his retirement bungalow. Sad to say that Bill was never able to spend his last days in his dream bungalow, John Sharpe,who built the house next door,his wife Pamela and their two children, Nicola and Philip , moved away from Barnack in 1969.

Philip Jackson Sharpe. Mon 23rd Nov 2009

The Hills and Holes is actually in Cambridgeshire and comes under the remit of Peterborough City Council. Northamptonshire boundary is on the other side of RAF Wittering.

Graeme Hutton, BARNACK HILLS AND HOLES Sat 7th May 2011

The Hills and Holes are in Northamptonshire because we use the Heritage Counties boundaries on this web site not the administrative boundaries. It saves having to modify the maps every time the government decides to change the administrative boundaries.

Barry, BeenThere-DoneThat Sun 8th May 2011

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