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Comment about Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire

when I lived near Bourton-on-the-Water it was hell to do anything in season and too depressing to contemplate visiting out of season (the locals actually call it Boredom-on-the-Water). Sure it's a pretty village, but hardly warrants all of the attention it gets. There are prettier quieter villages in the area, maybe not as big, but without the tacky seaside like amenities....and it's not cheap.....parking is a nightmare...and lets face it there really is nothing worth seeing.

Due to its inflated sense of self grandure I am doomed today to visit with Canadians and as usual will have to explain why this place is such a disapointment. I have been doing this wih various visitors since the 1960's. Why will no one listen to me!!!!?? They all come away disapointed and have wasted a valuable day of their vacations.

m.tolmie, cheltenham Fri 27th Mar 2009

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