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Comment about the Interior, St. Peters Chapel from the East, Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex

This is just the same reaction i get when i used to visit the magnificent Saxon minster at Deerhurst on the Gloucester Tewkesbury road.

Parts of this incredible monastic church date from the late 7C but as others have stated about St Peters in Bradwell there is a very unusual atmosphere, an atmosphere that conveys great antiquity.

There is a sense that even if you were not aware of Deerhurst immense age the atmosphere and sense of occasion inside the church would convey to you King Canute and King Ethelred once stood inside this very building during a very important meeting.

The famous Anglo Saxon Chronicles mentions their meeting at Deerhurst in the late 10C.

Deerhurst has probably the finest Saxon font in existence which for many years was used as a watering bowl for the animals in the adjacent farm until it was recognised for what it was.

Deerhurst is also unique in Britain in being the only village to posess two Saxon churches. The other dates from the late 11C just before the Norman Conquest and is built into the fabric of one of the buildings.

Peter Lewis, Llandudno North Wales Sat 9th Jan 2010

But much larger than the church in Rhos on Sea!!

Peter Wiard Tue 26th Jul 2011

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