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Comment about Carreg Cennen Castle from the west, Carmarthenshire

My father was born in 1909 and lived in Llandybie - a small village some five or so miles from the castle. It must have held some magic for the children of the time, and, apparently, they spent a lot of time there. He and his older brother would go there without their parents' permission. I remember, as a young girl, listening to my father's reminiscences about those castle adventures, and of how they would both sit at the edge of the precipice and swing their legs! Ever since, I have been unable to visit Carreg Cennen without picturing those long ago little figures sitting there! My last visit to the castle was early in 2007 when we took our little grandchildren, who live in America, to see it. It was every bit as wonderful to visit as it was the first time I went there - in 1956, when I was thirteen! The sound of the red kites calling to each other was unforgettable. We often see them circling overhead, where we live, in Ammanford, but the amazing sound of silence around the castle allows them to be actually heard as well as seen. The sheer majestic grandeur of the setting of this castle makes it well worth the trouble of reading a map to get to it! Incidentally, there is a nice little cafe at the farm through which you must pass in order to walk up to the castle. There are also some lovely species of chickens roaming around which the children just loved! The pictures of the castle on the website are very good - but you really must visit to experience the true scale of the surrounding landscape and the castle's setting. Please do!!

M. Walters, Ammanford, Carmarthenshire. Wed 8th Oct 2008

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