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Comment about the path into Peak Cavern, Castleton, Derbyshire

Castleton is amazing. I went on a school trip and it was one of the best ones I have ever been on. It even beats disneyland paris. All 12 of us had a great time and didnt want to leave!!!

Jessica, Ollerton

Around the bend to the mouth of "Peak Cavern" and associated mineworks. My family spent many a weekend in the peak district and the fond memories linger still.

Robert Mickleboro, Toronto,Canada.


The Peak Cavern is around the bend. Arthur Conan Doyle (sherlock holmes author) wrote a horror story based in the area and the cavern called 'The Beat of Blue John Gap'. Blue John is a locally found semi precious stone. My book Peeks at the Peak ( a lot of info and photos of the village that may be of ineterst to people visiting. In the mouth of Peak Cavern rope makers used to live. The rope making equipment can still be seen and there are demonstrations. In Castleton each new bride used to be given a rope washing line as a gift. Lord Byron took his beloved on a trip in the cavern when it was only accesable by boat. A signature on the cavern wall is reputed to be his.

ann beedham, sheffield uk Tue 11th Aug 2009

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